With Character AI, users can delve into creative expression, fan fiction, and role-playing. Engage in conversations with AI characters, ranging from renowned real-life personalities to fictional creations. Surpassing expectations, Character AI’s immersive and engaging platform has drawn an astonishing 206 million total visits. 

In this article, we’ll explore the statistics behind Character AI’s user growth and how it has translated into revenue for the company.

Character.AI Overview

Character AI Statistics

Launch Date September 2022
Headquarters Menlo Park, California, United States.
Key people  Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Freitas
Number of users Over 20 million 
Monthly Traffic  168.8 million
App downloads Over 5 million
Valuation $1 billion
Annual Revenue $6.5 million

Character AI User Stats

Character.ai received around 206 million visits per month in June 2023, as reported by SimilarWeb data. This represents an 8% increase compared to June 2023, with 191 million visits. In January 2023, the number of visits was 65 million, which means a three-fold increase since then. Furthermore, in July 2023, the website attracted 16 million unique visitors. [1]

Character AI generates organic traffic without relying on paid advertisements. Visitors to the Character AI website spend an impressive average of 29 minutes and 30 seconds exploring the platform, browsing an average of 13.91 pages per visit. This visit duration exceeds that of ChatGPT (which stands at 7 minutes and 27 seconds) by more than 22 minutes.

The bounce rate for Character AI stands at 20.87%. Over the past 30 days, the total page views of Character AI reached an impressive 3.142 billion. Now, let’s explore how Character AI fares against other widely used AI chatbots regarding monthly visitors.

Website Total Visits Bounce Rate Pages per Visit Average Visit Duration
Character AI 206 million 20.87% 13.91 pages 29.30 minutes
ChatGPT 1.5 billion 39.39% 4.00 pages 7.12 minutes
Google Bard 189 million 55.39% 2.92 pages 5.30 minutes
Poe AI 86 million 42.95% 5.24 pages 6.02 minutes
Claude AI 17 million 36.04% 3.04 pages 5.12 minutes
Writesonic AI 6.5 million 43.28% 4.17 pages 4.17 minutes
Jasper AI 4.2 million 37.72% 4.31 pages 3.52 minutes
Crushon AI 3.4 million 29.33% 12.39 pages 10.57 minutes

Character AI User Growth

Character AI User Growth

Within a span of four months, starting from December 2022 to March 2023, the organic traffic of Character AI experienced a remarkable surge, increasing from 18,000 to 5,00,000. From this point onward, Character AI consistently received a substantial volume of monthly traffic.

Character AI receives around 200 million monthly visits, making it the 142nd most popular website globally. As per Exploding Topics, the search volume for Character AI has skyrocketed by +6400% in July 2023, reaching 45.5 million searches in just one month. [2,3]

Here’s an overview of the past three months’ progress in terms of monthly visits for Character AI:

Month Number of Visits Change Over Previous Month (%) Change Over Previous Month (%)
February 2023 86 million ↑ 21 million ↑ 32%
March 2023 107 million ↑ 21 million ↑ 24%
April 2023 150 million ↑ 43 million ↑ 40%
May 2023 281 million ↑ 131 million ↑ 87%
June 2023 190 million ↓ 91 million  ↓ 32%
July 2023 206 million ↑ 16 million ↑ 8%

Every single day, an astounding number of approximately 9 million users make use of Character AI. 

These dedicated users spend an average of 29 minutes exploring and utilizing the capabilities of this incredible tool. It’s truly impressive to witness the impact and engagement that Character AI has on its user base.

Top Keyword Traffic

Most traffic to Character AI, specifically 11.38%, comes from organic search. This means that users discover Character AI through search engines like Google and Bing. The most commonly searched keyword, “character ai,” has a search volume of 4.9 million, indicating a high level of interest in this topic. [2]

Additionally, there are a staggering 45 million keyword searches related to accessing Character AI, highlighting the widespread demand for this innovative tool.

With a significant number of searches, it’s clear that Character AI has captured the attention of a wide audience. It has become a popular choice for those seeking advanced character-related solutions.

Here are the top 5 popular keywords used to access Character AI and their respective search volumes:

Rank Keyword Monthly Searches
1. character ai 4.9 million
2. character.ai 254.4K
3. c.ai 238.5K
4. Beta character ai 158.5K
5. a character 122.7K

Character AI Reddit Statistics

Character AI Reddit Statistics

The Character AI subreddit boasts a large community of 566k subscribers as of August 2023. This active subreddit attracts members from various countries, with a significant presence from the USA, Philippines, and Vietnam. With its growing popularity, it currently holds the impressive rank of 1388th based on subscriber count. Engaging discussions and insights await those who join this thriving online community.

On the Character AI subreddit, there is a bustling community with an average of 246 posts and 693 comments per day. The subreddit is known for its lively discussions on server problems, Character AI bots, and entertaining anecdotes.

While writing this article, there were around 1.4K active users online, making it a thriving hub for AI enthusiasts. It’s a vibrant space where users can engage, share experiences, and stay updated on the latest in the world of Character AI. [4,5]

Here is a comprehensive and in-depth overview of the growth of the Character AI subreddit over the past year, analyzing month-to-month trends and developments:

Month Number of Subscriber Count  Change Over Previous Month (%)
August 2022 10 NIl
September 2022 75 ↑ 650%
October 2022 1200 ↑ 1500%
November 2022 2400 ↑ 100%
December 2022 7000 ↑ 192%
January 2023 11,000 ↑ 57%
February 2023 20,000 ↑ 82%
March 2023 25000 ↑ 25%
April 2023 38000 ↑ 52%
May 2023 100K ↑ 163%
June 2023 300K ↑ 200%
July 2023 535K ↑ 78%

This analysis provides a detailed understanding of how the subreddit has evolved and expanded, offering valuable insights into its community engagement, discussions, and content generation.

By examining the growth patterns, we can identify key milestones, popular topics, and the overall trajectory of this vibrant online community.

Character AI Gender Stats

Character AI Gender Stats

Most Character AI’s users, accounting for approximately 60%, are men [6]. This statistic aligns closely with the gender distribution observed within the realm of video gaming, reflecting the demographic trends of the gaming community.

Gender Percentage
Man 60%
Woman 30%
Other 10%

From understanding the patterns in subscriber growth to the demographic data, it’s clear that the platform is resonating with a diverse audience that actively engages with Character AI. The future holds exciting possibilities for this dynamic community.

Character AI Revenue & Valuation

Character AI is currently accessible for free and in the pre-revenue stage. However, it recently obtained a remarkable $150 million in funding from a new round led by Andreessen Horowitz, catapulting the company’s valuation to a staggering $1 billion.[7]

Moreover, Character.ai is currently in talks with cloud providers to explore additional investment prospects. The company disclosed these details to Reuters.

  • The fact that a company with no revenue can be valued at billions of dollars illustrates the ongoing AI funding surge following the widespread recognition of OpenAI’s ChatGPT.
  • This occurrence coincided with the recent disruptions caused by the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.
  • Character.ai plans to utilize the funding to enhance the training of its self-developed models and grow its team, which currently consists of 22 individuals.


This rapid growth and valuation of Character AI is a testament to the potential and demand for AI-powered technologies in the gaming industry. As the platform gains momentum, it will be interesting to see how its user base and revenue evolve. 

With innovative advancements and investments, Character AI is set to revolutionize the concept of online gaming communities with its unique and personalized user experience. 

So buckle up because the future of gaming is here, and Character AI powers it! 

As more and more gamers experience the immersive world of Character AI, the potential for revenue generation only continues to increase. With a strong foundation and a promising future, Character AI is one to watch out for in gaming and artificial intelligence. So why not give it a try and see for yourself how this platform can elevate your gaming experience to new levels?

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