Discord is a free application that facilitates chatting, voice, and video calls. Additionally, it offers the option to stream games and videos, allowing you to share content with your followers or friends. In the US Play Store, Discord is ranked 8th. According to statistical data, 30.26% of Discord users are in the United States.

Based on the findings from bankmycell.com, Discord is anticipated to reach around 26.5 million daily active users this year. And it’s no wonder, given the growth statistics that Discord has been experiencing. This article will discuss Discord’s impressive revenue and growth statistics, which have solidified its place as one of the leading communication platforms in the world.

Discord Key Statistics & Overview

Discord Statistics

Key Information Details
Original Founders/ Developers Discord Inc.
Initial Released Date May 13, 2015
Written in Client: JavaScript (with React) Server: Elixir, Python, Rust, C++
Engine Used Electron
Supported Operating system Platforms Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, iPadOS, Android, Web browsers
Available languages 30 languages
Type Service VoIP communications, instant messaging, videoconferences, content delivery, and social media
Revenue $428 million
Number of Registered Users 563 million users
Monthly Active Users 560 million MAU
Website discord.com

Registered Discord Users 

Registered Discord Users 

By January 2023, Discord had seen exponential growth, with a whopping user base of around 563 million registered users. This remarkable figure represented a staggering increase of over 87% compared to the 300 million users reported in June 2020 [6].

Over just three years, from 2017 to 2020, Discord witnessed a meteoric rise in its user count, surging from 90 million to approximately 300 million users. This phenomenal growth further solidifies Discord’s position as a leading platform in the digital communication landscape.

Year  Number of registered Discord users worldwide % increase
2023 563 million users 23.46%
2022 456 million users 23.24%
2021 370 million users 23.33%
2020 300 million users 20.00%
2019 250 million users 25.00%
2018 200 million users 122.22%
2017 90 million users

Discord Monthly Active Users 

Discord Monthly Active Users 

As of January 2023, Discord had already reached an impressive milestone with 500 million registered users.

This extraordinary achievement speaks volumes about the platform’s unwavering popularity. It showcases its exceptional ability to consistently captivate and engage its vast user base [9].

With innovative features, a seamless user experience, and a vibrant community, Discord continues to redefine online connections, communication, and collaboration.

Year Number of Discord Monthly Active Users
2023 (Jan.) 560 million MAU
2022 500 million MAU
2021 400 million MAU
2020 300 million MAU
2019 250 million MAU

Number of Paid Discord Users 

Discord services are entirely free of cost, offering a wide range of features and functionalities to connect and communicate with others. However, for users who desire additional benefits, there is the option to purchase the nitro plan.

This plan provides advantages such as larger data uploads, high-definition videos, and more exclusive perks to enhance the overall Discord experience.

Until 2020, approximately 1 million users have taken advantage of the Nitro service, a cutting-edge offering that has revolutionized how people interact online. With its exceptional features and seamless user experience, Nitro has garnered widespread acclaim and loyalty.

As a testament to its success, the Nitro service has been valued at an impressive $207 million, solidifying its position as a market leader [7].

Discord Users by Devices Used 

Discord Users by Devices Used 

Discord users in countries like the United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and Germany favor accessing the platform through desktop computers rather than mobile devices [8].

This preference could be attributed to the larger screen size and superior processing capabilities of desktop computers in these regions.

In contrast, the situation in India presents a different scenario. Mobile phones seem to be the preferred means of accessing the platform here.

This can be attributed to various factors, such as the widespread availability of affordable smartphones and the limited access to desktop computers for many individuals in India.

Country All devices Desktop Mobile
United States 219.8 million 65.24% 34.76%
Brazil 101.5 million 90.01% 9.99%
United Kingdom 29.6 million 67.11% 32.89%
India 29.2 million 43.72% 56.28%
Germany 28.1 million 56.86% 43.14%

Discord Demographics 

During the first quarter of 2022, Discord had a dominant user base of 79.46% males, while females accounted for a smaller proportion of only 20.54% [10].

This gender distribution highlights the need for continued efforts to promote inclusivity and diversity within the Discord community.

Number of Messages Exchanged Every Year

In 2022, users on Discord have exchanged an incredible number of messages, reaching a mind-blowing total of 1.46 trillion.

Year Number of Messages Exchanged Each Year
2022 1.46 trillion messages
2021 1.09 trillion messages
2020 730 billion messages
2019 365 billion messages
2018 310 billion messages
2017 43.8 billion messages
2016 36.5 billion messages

Discord Revenue

Discord Revenue

As of 2022, Discord generated 213 million U.S. dollars in revenue from its mobile app alone and $428 million in revenue [1]. The company has secured approximately 995 million U.S. dollars in funding across 16 rounds.

Discord’s growing significance in social networking was pivotal in its expansion strategy. The platform’s appeal to gamers, communities, and businesses has contributed to its rapid growth and revenue generation.

Year Discord Revenue
2022 $428 million
2021 $373 million
2020 $250 million
2019 $115 million

Discord Valuation 

Discord Valuation 

Discord’s value reached 14.7 billion U.S. dollars in September 2021. However, in June 2022, Fidelity Investments revised the valuation of Discord shares by 32% due to market stagnation and the deceleration of digital companies’ revenues [2].

Despite this revision, Discord remains a highly valuable company with strong growth potential.

The company’s revenue model, largely built on Nitro subscriptions and merchandise sales, has demonstrated considerable resilience. This growth trajectory highlights the platform’s increasing popularity and the potential for further revenue expansion.

Year Valuation
2022 $10 billion
2021 $14.7 billion
2020 $7.3 billion
2019 $2.5 billion
2018 $2.05 billion

Discord Revenues from direct Discord Nitro Sales 

Discord Revenues from direct Discord Nitro Sales 

Discord’s direct revenues are projected to decline slightly from 208 million USD to 207 million USD from 2022 to 2023. 

This is because Discord provides many of its features, such as VoIP, text, and video communication, for free to its users. While the platform is expected to see an increase in registered users during this time, it does not guarantee exponential growth in direct revenues.

With a yearly subscription to Discord Nitro, you can enjoy various perks. The Nitro Basic format is priced at 29.99 USD, the Nitro Classic at 49.99 USD, and the standard Nitro at 99.99 USD. These perks include personalized emojis, server boosters, and HD streaming [3].

Though the revenues seem to stagnate, Discord’s user-centric model differentiates it from many competitors. 

This focus on users over profits has given Discord an edge, fostering a loyal community that values the platform for more than just its functionality.

Year Discord Revenue from Nitro sales
2023 $207 million
2022 $208 million
2021 $173 million
2020 $120 million
2019 $70 million

Discord Revenues from other Discord Premium and Membership Subscriptions 

In 2022, Discord, the popular communication platform, generated an impressive $220 million in revenue from a diverse range of premium and membership subscriptions [4][5].

This substantial figure highlights the platform’s continued growth and popularity and underscores users’ increasing willingness to invest in and enjoy the benefits of premium features and services.

As Discord continues to evolve and expand its offerings, it remains a dominant force in online communication, captivating and satisfying a growing user base worldwide.

Moreover, the revenue generated empowers Discord. It funds the development of new features and enhancements. This guarantees that the platform remains a leader in online communication and community-building. It will be fascinating to witness Discord’s ongoing innovation and growth as it further establishes itself as a pivotal and influential online platform in our era.

Year Discord other Discord premium and membership subscriptions
2022 $220 million
2021 $200 million
2020 $130 million
2019 $45 million
2018 $30 million
2017 $10 million
2016 $5 million


As we can see from the statistics, Discord’s revenue and growth have been on a steady rise, with an increasing number of users joining the platform yearly. The platform’s success can be attributed to its user-friendly interface, continuous innovation, and strong community engagement.

However, as Discord expands globally, it is essential to recognize and address any regional differences in user behavior. For example, most of Discord’s users are from the United States. Still, there is significant growth potential in emerging markets like India and Brazil.

Overall, Discord’s future looks bright as it continues to evolve and adapt to meet the changing needs of its diverse user base. With an ever-growing community and increasing revenue, Discord is well on its way to becoming one of the world’s most influential online communication platforms. 

So why not join the Discord community today and participate in this exciting journey?


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