This informative guide explains how to use free essay tools for beginners to make their writing assignments much easier. It provides explanations of the most popular types of essay-writing tools.

How to Use Free Essay Tools for Beginners

Today, the use of technology in the educational sphere is almost compulsory. You may not use various gadgets and apps suggested by your teachers, but thus, you risk falling behind others. There are tons of benefits offered by tech apps. They sufficiently ease the way of common learning. The ones who use them properly surely win. You can be one of them.

It goes beyond all doubt that students need to use essay writing tools because they have a lot of assignments that must be written, edited, and proofread. These tools offer many conveniences and make everything faster, more accurate, and more productive. Yet, not all learners know how to use them properly. We will help to find the answers with this useful article. It highlights free writing tools, so you don’t even have to pay for their smart assistance.

Grammar Checkers

We will start with grammar checkers because many students have problems with their grammar skills. The use of a common grammar app is very simple. For example, you can use Grammarly. When you open it, you only need to copy and paste the required text from your laptop, and the app will scan the text automatically.

It scans any length in about 15 seconds or faster and offers results. You will see all the mistakes you have made. These are:

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Word choice
  • Stylistics

The app suggests its corrections. Commonly, they all are correct. Just press on the suggested correction of your drawback, and the tool will fix everything instead of you. It also checks the text while you write in a Google Doc or other online tools. Grammarly works online and can be installed on your browser to check everything while you are writing. It can also be attached to your Microsoft Word. When the Internet is on, it scans documents. This is how most grammar checkers work. There is nothing complicated at all.


The next frequently used writing tool is a digital editor. There are many of them, and they all follow the same principles. They scan texts online and offer their evaluations and corrections. They work similarly to grammar tools.

Commonly, you need to find a button that is called either File or Attach. This is where you can import the documents from your gadgets. Another option is to write directly in those tools. They work online and check texts as you write. Here are the typical kinds of mistakes they spot:

  • Too long sentences;
  • The parts that are hard to read and comprehend;
  • Overuse of the passive voice;
  • Overuse of adjectives and adverbs;
  • The words that have simpler meanings;
  • Inappropriate use of words, etc.

The main purpose of editors is to enhance the readability of the text. They show mistakes and offer instant corrections. Check the grades for your readability. They commonly go from 1 to 10. A lot depends on a concrete tool. Reach the desired grade to be sure your text is readable and comprehensive.

Plagiarism Checkers

We guess the use of plagiarism checkers is the simplest among all learning and writing tools for students. They work very simple. You need to copy and paste or download the text you want to check. Press the button SCAN or RUN (depending on the type of your tool) and wait a bit until the app checks the text for plagiarism. It takes from several seconds to several minutes. Some apps scan instantly, and others take a bit more time.

They all work in the same way. They compare your text with all other texts that are available on the Internet. If any match is spotted, you will see that. You rework the underlined words or phrases right in the app or fix them in your doc and download it again for another scan. Commonly, plagiarism checkers are free of charge as well.

Citation Generators

One of the greatest headaches of all learners is the formatting of their texts. Every page and citation must suit the assigned academic writing style. As there are many styles with slight differences, students frequently mess them up and thus make serious mistakes that cost a lot of grades. To avoid such silly situations, students can use citation generators.

They work smoothly and fast. When you want to check the citation, you need to specify it and mention the book or article you’ve retrieved it from, its author, year of publication, etc. Finally, select the required style – APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, AMA, ASA, and so on. Click the button CHECK or RUN to see if you have inserted the citation correctly. It’s better to use generators that support various styles and not one or a couple of them.

Topic Generators

Many students lack ideas when it comes to topic selection. So, smart developers invented topic generators. They commonly work very simply. All you need to do is to write 2–3 words on the anticipated topic. Make the tool run, and it will generate 10-20 topic ideas per concept. Select any of them and write a perfect essay.


It is crucial to organize your writing process to be fast and precise. A digital organizer can help you a lot. It helps to schedule your working hours for months ahead. Besides, you can create outlines for every essay. It can include:

  • At every writing stage;
  • Short descriptions;
  • Tools and methods you need;
  • Clear timeframes, etc.

You only need to “create” a new task or file. Give it a name and fill out every field according to the template offered by the tool you’ve selected.

AI Chatbots

You can also try to use AI essay generator that can write essays instead of you. They use official articles that suit whatever topic you need to cover. You only need to mention the topic, add a description (if the tool supports this option), and the number of pages or words. Press GENERATE and wait a couple of minutes to enjoy the outstanding result for the purpose you require.