Microsoft 365 Suite, formerly known as “Office 365”, was launched in 2017 and has since emerged as a powerhouse in the industry. In 2022 alone, Microsoft 365 Suite generated a remarkable revenue of USD 63.36 billion! These numbers are a testament to this productivity suite’s growing popularity and usage.

Let’s look deeper at some key statistics showcasing its user base and growth rate.

Microsoft 365 Suite Key Statistics

Microsoft 365 key statistics

  • Microsoft 365 now has an impressive 345 million users.
  • Users aged 25-34 comprise the largest Microsoft 365 Suite users segment.
  • Microsoft 365 suite revenue rose by 17.51% from USD 53.92 billion in 2021 to USD 63.36 billion in 2022.
  • The Microsoft 365 Suite is widely used, with over 500M Android and 376.7K iOS downloads.
  • In 2022, Microsoft Office 365 maintained its dominance with a market share of approximately 47.9%.
  • Construction (6%), IT (4%), retail (4%), healthcare (4%), and finance (4%) – top Microsoft Office 365 segments.
  • Over 3.7 million companies worldwide rely on Microsoft Office 365 for productivity.
  • The US leads with 34% of Microsoft Office 365 customers, followed by the UK with 8%.

Microsoft 365 Suite in Brief

Facts/Figures Detail
Parent Company Microsoft
Released Date July 10, 2017
Key People Bill Gates and Paul Allen
Registered users in 2023 345 million users
Gender distribution among users 49.71% male and 50.29% female
The age group of the majority of users 25-34
Average monthly website visitors 28,750,000 users
Revenue generated so far USD 63.36 billion

Microsoft 365 Suite User Base 

Microsoft 365 suite user base

The number of users for Microsoft 365 has reached an impressive milestone of 345 million. [1]

This represents a significant 23% increase compared to the number of users in 2021. It highlights the continued growth and popularity of this powerful productivity suite.

The table below shows the user base growth of Microsoft 365 Suite from 2019 to 2022:

Year Users Percentage Change
2022 345,000,000 users. 23.00%.
2021 280,000,000 users. 13.00%.
2020 248,000,000 users. 24.00%.
2019 200,000,000 users. 29.00%.

This increase can be attributed to the growing trend of remote work and online learning, where Microsoft 365 has become an essential tool for collaboration and productivity.

According to the available data, almost an equal number of males and females, with 49.71% male and 50.29% female, are using the Microsoft 365 Suite.

Microsoft 365 users gender distribution

This SimilarWeb stat [2] suggests a well-balanced gender distribution among the users.

Microsoft 365 Suite Users by Age 

Microsoft 365 suite users age

Users between 25 and 34 comprise the most significant portion of Microsoft 365 Suite users.

Most Microsoft 365 users fall within the age range of 25-34, with the 15-24 and 35-44 age groups following closely behind.

Below is the table with a breakdown of Microsoft 365 Suite users by age group:

Age Group Percentage
15 – 24 25.60%.
25 – 34 30.95%.
35 – 44 19.33%.
45 – 55 12.41%.

It suggests that Microsoft 365 Suite has a diverse user base, with a significant portion of its users belonging to the younger generation.

Microsoft Overall Revenue Statistics 

Microsoft overall revenue statistics

The revenue generated by the Microsoft 365 suite increased by 17.51% from USD 53.92 billion in 2021 to USD 63.36 billion in 2022. [3]

Below, you can see the YoY revenue growth of Microsoft 365 Suite from 2019 to 2022:

Year Revenue YoY Percentage Change
2022 USD 63.36 billion. 17.51%.
2021 USD 53.92 billion. 16.20%.
2020 USD 46.4 billion. 12.73%.
2019 USD 41.16 billion. 14.74%.
2018 USD 35.87 billion.

This data demonstrates the importance of Microsoft’s cloud-based productivity suite for businesses and organizations globally. It has contributed significantly to the company’s overall revenue.

Monthly/Daily/Hourly User Count for Microsoft 365 Suite

In 2022, approximately 39,930 users around the world actively used Microsoft 365 every hour. They benefitted from its extensive range of productivity tools and cloud services.

Period User Count
Monthly Users 28,750,000 users
Daily Users 958,333 users
Hourly Users 39,930 users

This remarkable number highlights the widespread adoption and reliance on Microsoft 365 for various professional and personal tasks, showcasing its impact on modern-day work and collaboration.

Number of Mobile App Downloads for Microsoft 365 Suite

The Microsoft 365 Suite has achieved incredible popularity, with over 500 million Android downloads [4] and an impressive 376.7 thousand iOS downloads. [5]

This widespread adoption across different platforms showcases the versatility and accessibility of the suite, making it a go-to choice for users across the globe.

The considerable number of mobile downloads is proof of Microsoft 365 Suite’s mobile-friendly and user-friendly interface. Its seamless integration with mobile devices allows users to take their office on the go, enhancing productivity and flexibility.

The high download rate underscores the widespread preference for Microsoft 365 Suite as a versatile solution for businesses and individual users alike.

Microsoft 365 Suite’s Market Share in the Cloud Service Industry 

Microsoft 365 suite market share

In 2022, Microsoft Office 365 remained the dominant player, boasting an impressive market share of around 47.9%. 

This figure represents a substantial lead over competitors in the cloud service industry. It demonstrates the trust and confidence businesses across various sectors have in the robust features and security measures provided by Microsoft 365 Suite. [6]

The significant market share also suggests continuous growth and the potential for future dominance in this highly competitive industry.

Top Industries Using Microsoft 365 Suite 

Top industries using microsoft 365 suite

The construction industry comprises the largest segment (6%) among Microsoft Office 365 customers.

Following that is the IT sector at 4%, along with retail, hospital and health care, and financial services, also at 4% each. [6]

Please refer to the table below for a breakdown of industry-wise usage of the Microsoft 365 suite:

Industry Percentage
Construction 6%
Information Technology 4%
Retail 4%
Hospital and Health Care 3%
Financial Service 3%
Real Estate 2%
Computer Software 2%
Marketing and Advertising 2%
Hospitality 2%
Education Management 2%
Others 70%

So, the table suggests that Microsoft 365 Suite has found a wide range of applications in several industries.

This diversity further reinforces its versatility as an all-in-one communication, collaboration, and productivity solution.

Top Companies Subscribed to the Microsoft 365 Suite 

Approximately 3,794,333 companies across various industries and sectors around the globe rely on the powerful suite of tools and services offered by Microsoft Office 365 for their everyday productivity needs. [7]

With its comprehensive range of applications and cloud-based capabilities, Office 365 has become an indispensable asset, empowering businesses to streamline their operations, collaborate seamlessly, and stay ahead in today’s competitive market.

Below, you will find data on these companies, including their industry, country, and company size:

Companies Industry Countries Company Size
Plantronics, Inc. Computers & Electronics United States 1K – 10K
Investors Group Management Consulting   1K – 10K
Lenze Ltd. Industrial Automation United States 1K – 10K
Lavendon Group PLC. Machinery United Kingdom 1K – 10K
Medacs Healthcare PLC. Hospital & Health Care United Kingdom 1K – 10K
Extron Electronics Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing United States 1K – 10K
Telefe Broadcast Media   1K – 10K
Materialise NV Computer Software Belgium 1K – 10K
Cavendish Farms Food Production Canada 10K – 50K

The versatility of the Suite and the broad range of applications it offers makes it an ideal choice for businesses across different sectors.

Notably, it accommodates the unique demands of each industry, from the data-intensive financial services sector to the dynamic and fast-paced retail industry.

Thus, adopting Microsoft 365 Suite reaffirms its standing as a comprehensive tool that fosters productivity and efficiency.

Microsoft 365 Suite: The Top Choice for Countries 

Microsoft 365 Suite: The Top Choice for Countries

Of all the Microsoft Office 365 customers, the United States takes the lead with 34%, followed by the United Kingdom with 8%.

Australia comes next on the list, accounting for 4% of the total customers. Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands each have 3% of the total customers, placing them next in line. [6]

Here is a table showcasing the top ten countries where the Microsoft 365 Suite is widely utilized:

Country Percentage
United States 34%
United Kingdom 8%
Australia 4%
Canada 3%
Germany 3%
Netherlands 3%
France 2%
Belgium 1%
Switzerland 1%
Brazil 1%
Others 40%

It is evident that Microsoft 365 Suite has a strong global presence, with a significant customer base in the United States.

And that’s not all – the fact that it’s widely used only makes it even more credible and reliable.

After all, when so many countries use it, its popularity must be a reason behind it.


The widespread adoption of Microsoft 365 Suite globally underscores its effectiveness as a comprehensive productivity tool.

Its ubiquity is testament to its reliability and ability to cater to the diverse needs of various sectors.