Key Takeaways

  • Midjourney has over 16 million registered users on Discord alone, a significant achievement for such a young company in the AI industry.
  • The platform’s organic traffic has surged from zero to over 400,000 within a few months, demonstrating growing interest and reliance on AI technologies.
  • Midjourney attracts predominantly male users (approximately two-thirds), and more than half of its user base falls under the age group of 34 years or younger.
  • Revenue-wise, Midjourney has generated over $200 million so far, showcasing its financial success and potential for further growth.

Midjourney Statistics in Brief 

Founded byDavid Holz
Company established in2021
Registered users on Discord (August 2023)Over 16 million
Gender distribution among usersMale (~59.82%)
The age group of the majority of users34 years or younger
Average monthly website visitors3 to 4 million
Revenue generated so far (estimated)Over $200 million

Midjourney Statistics: Traffic and Trend Analysis

Current Monthly Visitors3-4 million
Daily User Growth (Recorded on 30 Oct.) 23,000
Monthly Unique Visitors Count (As of Sept. 2023)7.449 million
Visitors in June’2328.5 million
Conversion Rate for Online Registrations21.5%

Midjourney Discord Users’ Count

Midjourney’s user base shot from a goose egg to a staggering 400,000 in record time. And now? Well, it’s common to see between 3 and 4 million monthly visitors. That said, there’s a dedicated crew of about 1.1 million active online users at any given moment.

Daily User Growth 

As per SimilarWeb, on October 30, daily traffic on Midjourney’s website surpassed 515,000. Midjourney is  said to gain 23,000 new users daily. [1]

Visits: The Monthly Figures

SimilarWeb claims unique monthly visitors to Midjourney’s website to be 7.449 million in September 2023, down from 9.299 million in August 2023. That’s a 19.89% drop.

Conversion Rate: From Spectator to Player 

Midjourney’s not just making friends—it’s building an army. It’s got a conversion rate of 21.5% for online registrations, effectively turning passive watchers into active users.

User Behavior: Trend 

Midjourney’s user base is as diverse as they come, with a large chunk of the demographic skewed towards males (59.82%) and those under 34 (61%).

Midjourney Statistics: A Closer Look at Users

Total User Count (July 2023)16 million
Gender DistributionMales: 59.82%, Females: 40.14%
Age DistributionUsers 34 or younger: 61%
Top 5 User GeographiesUnited States: 16.28%, India: 8.07%, United Kingdom: 4.33%,   Germany: 4.07%, Brazil: 3.98%
Active User Engagement7.5% (Approximately 1.1 million users)

Midjourney’s Growing Awareness

Midjourney’s rise is a spectacular story of user adoption. By July 2023, the platform’s user count was over 16 million, predominantly composed of males (59.82%) and those under the age of 34 (61%). This dramatic growth might be due to its appeal to a tech-savvy audience seeking innovative tools.

Midjourney Users’ Distribution

The user demographics for Midjourney are diverse, especially within the tech-savvy population and AI enthusiasts. Given that Midjourney user statistics show that most of its users are young and male, it clearly indicates its popularity within this demographic. A significant amount of discourse on Discord further confirms Midjourney’s growing reputation.


Midjourney seems to strike a chord with younger users, as 61 % are 34 or younger. These Midjourney user statistics suggest an affinity for innovative, AI-based tools within this age group.


Although Midjourney’s user base is predominantly male (59.82%), the platform is also gaining traction among female users (40.14%). The unique distribution provides valuable insights for marketers or advertisers considering the platform for promotional activities.


According to SimilarWeb, the top five countries that make up the most users of Midjourney are:

  1. United States (16.28%)
  2. India (8.07%)
  3. United Kingdom (4.33%)
  4. Germany (4.07%}
  5. Brazil (3.98%)

Midjourney Availability

With its around-the-clock availability and user-friendly design, Midjourney extends its AI image generation services to users globally, regardless of their schedule or technical skills. Multilingual support and robust customer service enhance user experience even further.

Engagement and Other Active Users’ Statistics

High user engagement is evident, with 7.5% of Midjourney’s user base, or approximately 1.1 million users, actively engaged at any time. The consistent influx of Midjourney daily active users and its rising popularity suggests a promising future for Midjourney in the AI industry.

Midjourney Usage Statistics

Android Users8.64 million
Windows Desktop Users11.52 million
Average Waiting Time for Models2 seconds
Peak Usage Time6 pm – 10 pm
Total Tasks Completed~300 million

Midjourney is home to ~16 million tech enthusiasts. Also, 3 – 4 million unique visitors explore this metropolis each month.

Technical Backgrounds of Midjourney Users

The Midjourney community is a diverse blend of 1.2 million AI enthusiasts and professionals from fields like graphic design and UI/UX. They skillfully utilize the platform’s AI image generator, making Midjourney an attractive prospect for potential investors.

Midjourney Device Usage Statistics

In terms of device preferences, 8.64 million users favor Android, while 11.52 million desktop users are Windows fans. This data underscores Midjourney’s adaptability and accessibility across different platforms.

Midjourney Professional Usage Statistics

Midjourney is a trusted tool for around 1 million most active users, including tech geeks, programmers, developers, graphic designers, UI/UX experts, and marketers. They leverage Midjourney’s AI models for quick image generation and its API for seamless workflow integration.

Average Waiting Times for Different Midjourney Models.

The waiting times for Midjourney models are impressively quick, with an average of 2 seconds, thanks to advanced AI technology. Users can expect near-instant results, regardless of the model they’re using.

Peak Usage Times and Efficiency Tips for Users

Peak usage times for Midjourney are between 6 pm and 10 pm, with most of the users active during these hours. To optimize their experience, users can:

  • Plan their projects in advance
  • Ensure a stable internet connection
  • Regularly clear cache and cookies to enhance speed and responsiveness

The Task Handling Capacity of Midjourney

Midjourney can handle a large volume of image requests simultaneously without compromising on quality or speed. It also allows users to queue up their requests, so they don’t have to wait. To date, Midjourney has completed around 300 million tasks. 

Midjourney Statistics: Technical Specifications

Latest AI ModelsMidjourney 5.2 and Midjourney 5.2 (raw)
AI Model EvolutionMidjourney 5.2 is an evolution from Midjourney 5.1, demonstrating a more profound understanding of prompts and a broader range of stylization. Midjourney 5.2 (raw) offers a less stylized aesthetic.
API Access and DocumentationAssists developers in integrating the platform into their applications.
InfrastructureHandled by a dedicated team of 11 full-time staff members.
Processing Capacity20 to 40 tasks per second
Security and PrivacyLeveraging advanced technologies such as blockchain and privacy computing techniques.
Integration CapabilitiesSeamlessly connects with various software and tools.
Community Size2.7 million members on their Discord server

Midjourney’s AI Models

The AI models of Midjourney, particularly the latest iterations, Midjourney 5.2 and Midjourney 5.2 (raw), are the driving force behind the platform’s success. Much like a skilled craftsman, Midjourney 5.2 meticulously creates detailed, vibrant, and precise images.

It’s an evolution from its predecessor, Midjourney 5.1, demonstrating a more profound understanding of prompts and a broader range of stylization.

For those who prefer a more unfiltered approach, Midjourney 5.2 (raw) offers a less stylized aesthetic, providing users with a more authentic and natural creative output.

API Access and Documentation

API access and documentation at Midjourney serve as a comprehensive guide, assisting developers in integrating the platform into their applications. With a significant number of 3-4 million website visitors per month, it’s evident that this resource effectively guides many users in using Midjourney.

Midjourney’s Infrastructure

The infrastructure of Midjourney is the platform’s backbone, enabling it to handle tasks efficiently. With a dedicated team of 11 full-time staff members, Midjourney can process 20 to 40 tasks per second, demonstrating its robust capability to cater to many users.

Security and Privacy

Midjourney prioritizes security and privacy, much like a digital fortress. By leveraging advanced technologies such as blockchain and privacy computing techniques, Midjourney ensures that user data is securely protected.

Midjourney’s Integration Capabilities

Midjourney’s integration capabilities are akin to a universal adapter, seamlessly connecting with various software and tools. With a thriving community of 2.7 million members on their Discord server, it’s clear that Midjourney is a platform that can easily be incorporated into various creative workflows.

Midjourney Statistics: Financial and Investment Highlights

Subscription PlansBasic Plan ($10/month or $96/year), Standard Plan ($30/month or $288/year), Pro Plan ($60/month or $576/year), Mega Plan ($120/month or $1152/year)
Investment OverviewIndependent research lab, self-funded, 11 employees, no external funding
Key Financial Performance Indicators
Estimated Revenue from Subscriptions~$200M
Estimated Monthly Revenue~$750K
Projected Annual Revenue (End of 2023)$300M
Financial Projections & Future Growth
AI Industry Growth (2023-2030)37.3% annually

Revenue Breakdown

Midjourney is making waves in the AI industry, and its revenue tells the tale. The platform’s AI image generator tool is a significant contributor to its financial success. But that’s not all, folks! Midjourney’s revenue also comes from a variety of sources:

  • Subscription Plans: Midjourney offers four subscription plans: 

Basic Plan ($10/month or $96/year): 3.3 hours of fast GPU time, solo direct messages, 3 concurrent jobs, and image rating for free GPU time.

Standard Plan ($30/month or $288/year): 15 hours of fast GPU time, unlimited relaxed GPU time, 3 concurrent jobs, image rating, and solo direct messages.

Pro Plan ($60/month or $576/year): 30 fast GPU hours, unlimited relaxed GPU time, stealth mode, 12 fast/3 relaxed jobs, image rating, solo direct messages.

Mega Plan ($120/month or $1152/year): 60 fast GPU hours, unlimited relaxed GPU time, stealth mode, 12 fast/3 relaxed jobs, image rating, solo direct messages.

  • Partnerships and Collaborations: Midjourney’s partnerships with businesses that leverage its AI capabilities through Midjourney’s API also contribute to its revenue.

Investment Overview

Midjourney is an independent research lab run by a small self-funded team of 11 employees and has not received any external funding to date.

Key Financial Performance Indicators

Not confirmed, but various sources estimate that Midjourney has generated over $200 million 0in revenue through subscriptions. Midjourney’s estimated revenue is about $750k/month, but this seems likely lower than their costs. Midjourney’s revenue is projected to be $300m/yr by the end of 2023.

Financial Projections & Future Growth

The future looks bright for Midjourney. With the AI industry projected to grow at an annual rate of 37.3% between 2023 and 2030, Midjourney is well-positioned to benefit from this growth.

To summarize, Midjourney’s financial and investment highlights for August 2023 indicate a promising future. Whether you’re an investor, an AI enthusiast, or just someone interested in the latest trends, Midjourney is a platform to watch.

Future of Midjourney

User activity40 tasks per second
Monthly user base growthFrom 300,000 to 600,000
Daily new users’ growthNearing 23,000
Impact on jobsIncreased demand for designers familiar with Midjourney
Role in AI industryTransforming visual content creation

Key Milestones and Achievements of Midjourney

Midjourney is a new sensation in the AI industry. In August 2023, it was a hive of activity, with users completing up to 40 tasks per second. 

Financially, it’s been a hit, with its revenue exceeding $200 million. With an active online user base of 16 million and increasing from 23,000 daily and 300,000 to 600,000 monthly, it’s certain to become a preferred destination for creatives and AI enthusiasts.

Impact of Midjourney on Graphic Design/UI/UX Jobs

Midjourney has made a big difference in jobs that use graphics and design. It lets people make good-looking pictures quickly. Even if you’re new to design, you can use it. This means more people want to hire designers who know how to use Midjourney

The Potential Impact of Midjourney in the AI Industry

Midjourney is transforming the AI industry, offering a platform that generates high-quality images in seconds. Its growing popularity is reshaping visual content creation.

In conclusion, Midjourney’s impact on the AI industry is significant. It’s redefining how we create visuals in fields such as graphic design, UI/UX development, marketing, and advertising. Midjourney is leading us towards the future of AI.


Midjourney is making big waves in AI, with lots of users and huge earnings. What do you think about this? Drop a comment, and join the discussion.


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