ChatGPT was launched 10 months ago and quickly became a game-changer chatbot in Generative AI and within 8 months it became the fastest consumer application to reach 100 million monthly users. We have analyzed the top 100 consumer Generative AI applications based on monthly traffic and we have found very interesting insights.

Key Consumer AI Companies Statistics

  • 51% of the Consumer AI companies are bootstrapped
  • 41% of the AI companies are not based in the U.S.
  • Out of the 100 Gen AI companies, 9 were either founded or co-founded by women
  • Popular AI categories are Image Utility, Chatbots, Art Generation, Voice Generation, and Video Utility
  • 7% of AI websites have content that’s not safe for work (NSFW)
  • 22 companies have brown founders and co-founders, with a significant number of Indian origin and only AskYourPDF has a Black co-founder
  • 9 applications have already been acquired
  • AI websites pull in median traffic of 4.97 million visits monthly, with an average of 29.02 million
  • The average funding secured by these companies is $396.01, with median funding of a staggering $20.05 million
  • The majority of these companies are recently established in 2023 with 2021 as the median launch year and 2020 as the average

51% Of Consumer AI Applications Are Bootstrapped

Description Number of Companies Company Names
Companies with over $1 billion in funding 3 ChatGPT, Claude AI, Pi Ai
Companies with over $100 million in funding 9 ChatGPT, DeepL Translator, Character AI, Poe, Claude AI, Jasper AI, Runway AI, Stable Diffusion – Clip Drop, Synthesia
Highest Funded Company 1 ChatGPT (OpenAI) – $11.3 billion with support from Microsoft

In our study of 100 consumer AI applications, more than half (51%) are completely bootstrapped, while 49% have received external funding. Notably, 9 companies have secured over $100 million in funding, and 3 have crossed the remarkable $1 billion milestone. OpenAI stands out with an incredible $11.3 billion in total funding, with support from Microsoft as a major investor.

41% Of The Top 100 Consumer AI Companies Are Not From The U.S.

Sl. No Countries Gen AI Applications
1 India 3
2 Australia 3
3 Germany 4
4 United Kingdom 5
5 Other Countries 26

Out of all these Gen AI applications, 41% are not based in the United States, including significant contributors like the United Kingdom, Germany, India, and Australia. This highlights how Gen AI’s influence is expanding worldwide.

9 Of The Top 100 Gen AI Applications Have Been Already Acquired

Applications Acquired By
removebg – Kaleido AI Canva
QuillBot Course Hero
Pixlr AI 123rf
Clipchamp Microsoft
Clip Drop Stability AI
Rytr Copysmith Stability AI
Bluewillow AI Limewire
unscreen-Kaleido AI Canva

Several companies are actively acquiring leading Consumer AI products, highlighting the sector’s growth potential. Meanwhile, prominent names like Microsoft also see value in this domain.

9% Of The Companies Have Women Founders/Co-Founders

Out of the 100 Gen AI products, 9 were either founded or co-founded by women, emphasizing female leadership in tech. Notable GenAI web products such as Claude AI by Anthropic, Murf AI, and Lets are entirely founded and led by women entrepreneurs.

Popular Consumer Gen AI Categories

Gen AI Categories Number of Companies
Image Utility 14
Chatbots 13
Art Generation (Text-to-Image) 9
Voice Generation 8
Video Utility 5

Among the top Gen AI categories, Image Utility leads with 14 companies, followed by Chatbots with 13. Art Generation, especially text-to-image generation, is rapidly gaining traction with 9 companies. Voice Generation and Video Utility follow, with 8 and 5 companies respectively.

7% Of The Gen AI Products Are Flagged For NSFW Content

7% of the Gen AI products on our list are flagged for NSFW content. Janitor AI, Chub AI, and Crushon AI are NSFW chatbots. SoulGen, Openart AI, and Unstable Diffusion are tools for NSFW image generation, while PromotHero is an NSFW AI search engine prompt.

22 Generative AI Companies Have Brown Founders And The Majority Are Of Indian Origin

21 company founders are brown and the majority of them are of Indian origin. It’s a way of acknowledging and celebrating the diversity of founders in Generative AI.

Gen AI Websites Pull In A Median Traffic Of 4.97 Million Visits Monthly, With An Average Of 29.02 Million

Sl. No Company Name Monthly Visits
1 ChatGPT 1.509B
2 DeepL Translator 244.4M
3 Character AI 198.2M

Most websites get around 4.97 million visitors each month. However, some are super popular. Websites like ChatGPT, DeepL Translator, and Character AI have way more visitors, which pushes the average up to 29.02 million. These sites are clear favorites among users.

The Average Funding Secured By These Companies Is $396.01 Million, With A Median Funding Of A Staggering $20.05 Million

Product / Company Name Total Funding Amount
ChatGPT(Open AI) $11.3B
Claude AI(Anthropic) $2.8B
Pi Ai(Inflection AI) $1.5B

ChatGPT, Claude AI, and Pi AI are the companies that have raised more than $1 billion in total funding. ChatGPT got the most with $11.3 billion.

The Majority Of These Companies Are New, With 2021 As The Median Launch Year And 2020 As The Middle.

Most of these Gen AI companies were established recently, mainly in 2023. The average starting year for them is around 2021, with many also beginning in 2020.

Top 10 Consumer Gen AI Products By Monthly Visits

Product / Company Name Monthly Visits
ChatGPT 1.509B
DeepL Translator 244.4M
Character AI 198.2M
Bard 171M
Poe 72.19M
removebg – Kaleido AI 59.02M
QuillBot 53.39M
Midjourney 25.44M

ChatGPT stands out as the leader in monthly visits for August, pulling in a massive 1.509 billion visits. The other GenAI applications, like DeepL Translator and Character AI, also had impressive numbers, but they were in the millions. It’s clear that ChatGPT is the most popular by a significant margin

Our Methodology:


We used SimilarWeb to pick the top 100 Gen AI web applications based on their monthly visits in August. For financial and other details about these companies, we checked with Crunchbase.


After listing the top 100 GenAI applications, we analyzed each GenAI web application, We looked at their monthly traffic, their financial status, and if they were bootstrapped or funded. Whether they are acquired or not, how many are women founders or cofounders, and the origin of the founders, also checked whether companies have NSFW content.

Detailed Data

  • Analysis date: 18th September, 2023
  • Total AI products analyzed: 100
  • AI products that are bootstrapped: 51
  • AI products with external funding: 49
  • Companies from the U.S.: 59
  • Companies outside the U.S.: 41
  • Companies based in San Francisco: 18
  • Companies with women founders/co-founders: 9
  • Companies with brown founders: 22
  • Companies flagged for NSFW content: 7

For a detailed breakdown of each Gen AI application and its corresponding data in our study, click here

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