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Best Google Bard
Plagiarism Detector

This Google Bard plagiarism detector can identify AI-generated text with reasonable accuracy. Both publishers and teachers can detect AI content from Google, a chat-based AI Tool.

Bard AI Detector

Google Bard AI Detector

Google Bard AI Detector is just an alternative text for Google Bard Plagiarism Detector. This tool can detect Google Bard AI Content.

Why Google Bard Plagiarism Detector?

💯 Accuracy High
📃 Extensive Reporting 50+
⏳ Real-time Yes
🔁 Check Counts Unlimited
⌛ Word Limit Unlimited

Can Turnitin Detect Bard-Generated Content?

Turnitin is one of the most used enterprise plagiarism tools and they have been working on AI detection. Turnitin has officially mentioned that their software can detect AI content but it is not sure if Bard-generated content detection is available or not.