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Sentence Shortener – Free Shorten Sentences with AI

Free Sentence Shortener and Shorten Sentence Generator

Struggling with wordy sentences? Want to make your writing crisp and clear? We’ve got you covered! Introducing Sentence Shortener, the perfect free tool to help you cut down on those extra words. No more headaches over long, complicated sentences. With our AI, you can make your writing easy to read and understand – in just a few clicks!

Shorten Sentences with AI in Multiple Tones and Formats

At Sentence Shortener, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to writing. That’s why our AI isn’t just about cutting down words – it’s about adapting your message to suit your desired tone and format. Whether you’re aiming for a professional report, a friendly email, or a creative piece, our tool can adjust to meet your needs.

  • Professional: Keep it crisp and formal for business or academic writing
  • Friendly: Add a warm, conversational touch to emails and social media posts.
  • Creative: Maintain a creative flair in your stories or blogs while keeping them concise.
  • Academic: Ensure clarity and conciseness in your research papers and essays.

Why ContentDetector.AI

😌 Easy to Use Paste your text and see the magic.
⏳ Save Time Get your message across faster
✅ Clear Communication Simple, straightforward sentences
💻 Multiple Modes Multiple modes for your needs
💯 Absolutely Free No hidden costs, just great results


You can just copy and paste the Chat GPT generated content into the text box on the home page of ContentDetector.AI and click on the analyze button. This ChatGPT detector will provide a probability score in a few seconds.

ChatGPT works on GPT 3.5 and GPT 4. Even if GPT 3.5 and GPT 4 are the next versions of generative AI technology, ContentDetector.AI detects the ChatGPT-generated content with reasonable accuracy.

ContentDetector.AI can check chatbot responses for plagiarism by comparing them to its vast training datasets. It provides an estimated percentage score for the likelihood of copied content, helping ChatGPT users to avoid intellectual property issues. However, as of now, it cannot detect traditional plagiarism, we will soon be adding general plagiarism as well.