Best AI and GPT Content Detector detects any AI or GPT 3 or Chat GPT written content along with any plagiarised content and gives an appropriate score.

Writing complete blog post content using AI might be completely against Google guidelines. Google or Most Search Engines are going to penalize the content completely written by AI or GPT-3 or Chat GPT. We will be launching soon.


Detect ChatGPT Content

ChatGPT which is based on OpenAI GPT 3.5 is a big leap forward in terms of what AI can achieve in features. We will be able to detect any ChatGPT 3 written content and provides a relevant score

Detect Plagiarised Content not just detects AI content but also detect plagiarism from the writers give what it can be done

Detect Content by AI Writing Software

Most of the AI writers such as Jasper or or that exist today currently use openai’s GPT 3. Our detector will be able to detect content written using any of the software

Use Cases

For Publishers or Bloggers

When you are working with external or internal writers, you need to check if the writers are using any AI writer to write the content. Google or Search Engines will soon be able to detect if not already AI written which are against their guidelines. In fact Google has released two helpful content updates this year which target spam and AI content

For Website Investors

Website Investors, you will be able to check the entire website if the content is written using AI. This will help you make an informed decision before you invest or purchase the website.

Users Love Us!

This tool has been a lifesaver for my blog. It’s easy to use and has helped me catch instances of AI-Generated content from my writers and improve the overall quality of my content

Simple to UseAlissa Peterson

Whether I’m checking a single paragraph or a single URL or an entire website, covers everything

Great FeaturesAnna Clarck

It’s amazing that tools detect both plagiarised content as well AI content. I would highly recommend for anyone which is serious about production high quality original content

Awesome FeaturesOlindra Gotham

Frequently Asked Questions

Can it detect content written using AI writing tools such as Jasper,, etc

Yes, most the of the AI writing tools are based out of open AI GPT 3 or GPT 3.5.

What is the Detector Score?

Detector score is a proprietary score generated by us to how much of the content is AI written content and How much is Plagiarised?

Can it detect AI written Code?

As of now, we dont detect AI written code.

Can it Detect AI Generated Images?

No, as of not it cannot detect AI generated Images, however we are working on it and keep you posted about the availability