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The AI Detector is designed to detect any AI-generated content. The AI Detector provides a probability score based on the likelihood that the text content was generated by AI tools or chatbots.

Thousands of users love our app, and since its launch, more than a million bloggers and academics have used our tool to identify AI-generated text. It is powered by Content at Scale’s AI Detector.

ChatGPT Detector and Plagiarism Checker

ChatGPT is the most popular AI Content generator out there which uses GPT 3.5 and GPT 4 models. AI Detector can accurately detect Chat GPT-generated content with an accuracy of up to 85%. This ChatGPT Checker can detect both GPT 3.5 and GPT 4 generated content. It is a free Chat GPT Detector and ChatGPT plagiarism checker without any limitations whatsoever.

The AI Detector.

The AI Detector is not only easy to use but also has a lot of functionality. The AI Content Detector goes beyond a simple AI Checker or Plagiarism Checker, it is also a word counter, and character counter. You just need to copy and paste the content into the text field for the detailed analysis. With the AI Detector, you can ensure authenticity and originality of all your content.

Why our AI Content Detector

💯 Quality Guaranteed AI Content Detection with Max Accuracy
📃 Extensive Reporting Percentage based Reporting with Real Source Indication
⌛ Real-time Comparison Check for AI Content in Real-time
🔁 Check Counts Unlimited
⌛ Word Limit Unlimited


  • has been a game-changer for my workflow. As a content creator, ensuring the originality of my work is crucial. This tool provides accurate and quick detection of AI-generated text, giving me peace of mind that my content is authentic. Highly recommend it to anyone serious about content quality.

    John Davis, Content Creator
  • Using has significantly improved our content review process. It’s incredibly easy to use and provides detailed reports that help us identify and address AI-generated content swiftly. The added functionalities like word and character counters are a bonus. A must-have tool for any digital marketing team!

    Lisa Michaels, Digital Marketer
  • For my blog, this tool has been an invaluable resource. It is simple to use, and by alerting me to instances of AI-generated content that my authors have created, it has already helped me improve the overall quality of my material.

    Alissa Peterson, Educator

How the AI Detector works

This detection model was developed by combining and fine-tuning the results of Open AI’s GPT 2 model with the outputs of a robustly optimized BERT pretraining approach (Roberta) model. Please note that any detector algorithm works on probability and are not 100% accurate. Hence, users need to utilize this tool along with their judgment to determine whether the content was created by Humans or AI/Chat GPT.

Here is the demo youtube video on how to use our website

Will Google Penalize AI Content?

Google will not penalize content simply because AI generates it. However, the search engine giant has made it clear that it prioritizes high-quality content that provides value to users. If AI-generated content fails to meet these criteria, it may not rank well in search results

As such, it’s essential to ensure that AI-generated content is well-written, informative, and adds value to users. If the content is helpful and meets Google’s guidelines for helpful content, there should be no penalty from Google.

The AI Content Detector for Bloggers.

With the AI Detector, enhancing your blog writing has never been so easy. AI Detector is essential for bloggers who aim to produce the best high quality, plagiarism-free, and optimized content that they can.

Any spam content can violate their criteria; in fact, Google has published two helpful content upgrades this year that specifically target spam content. However, AI-written content may or may not constitute spam, depending on how the AI tool was utilized.

The AI Detector and Academics

Academicians and universities may utilize the tool to determine whether the essays provided by students are legitimate. Simply copy and paste the material into the text field and click on “analyze” to identify any bogus information. This may be a useful free educational tool, particularly for teachers.

ContentDetector.AI vs Other AI Content Detector tools

AI Detector is a tool that stands out in the market, offering a unique combination of AI detection and word-counting features in a user-friendly package. The AI Detector presents the detection results in a clear and visually appealing percentage form without any character limit restrictions.


You can just copy and paste the Chat GPT generated content into the text box on the home page of ContentDetector.AI and click on the analyze button. This ChatGPT detector will provide a probability score in a few seconds.

ChatGPT works on GPT 3.5 and GPT 4. Even if GPT 3.5 and GPT 4 are the next versions of generative AI technology, ContentDetector.AI detects the ChatGPT-generated content with reasonable accuracy.

ContentDetector.AI can check chatbot responses for plagiarism by comparing them to its vast training datasets. It provides an estimated percentage score for the likelihood of copied content, helping ChatGPT users to avoid intellectual property issues. However, as of now, it cannot detect traditional plagiarism, we will soon be adding general plagiarism as well.